tompoleman: Pool time at last!

Marilyn10x: he had just gotten off the water slide and he insisted on taking the pic so I wouldn’t get his nakedness [x|x]



Some fluffy crisscolfer daddies to cheer me up! :) 


Chris was sitting on the couch, typing on his laptop, while Darren was helping their seven year old daughter coloring one of her new coloring books.

“Daddy? Papa? Can I ask you something?” Chris looked up at Emily, who was now fidgeting with a crayon.

Darren straightened up, putting down his own crayons and sitting closer to Emily. “Of course, Ems. What’s up?”

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When even the Glee crew KNOWS Glee has declined to shit. 😒

Darren Criss at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival

Shake It Off (cover) - Meghan Trainor


Meghan Trainor covers Shake It Off by Taylor Swift


Prompt #35 from daily-crisscolfer-prompts

Soulmates!fic. Every person only gets half of a picture as a soulmate mark. Whoever has the other half is, obviously, your soulmate. 

Chris and Darren each have half of a lightning bolt.


  • They meet because someone notices the weird looking mark on both of them and introduces them.

(I apologize in advance, I have no idea what I did here.)

About 1,600 words of G-rated Crisscolfer. 

“No. Please Sky, not again. The last one completed my mark with a sharpie when I was asleep and tried to convince me that we were meant to be.” Chris whined.

She meant well, but she had way too much free time on her hands. 

When she wasn’t taking upon the role of his mother, she was his wingman, his confidante, and the human version of a matchmaking website he couldn’t log out of.

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